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Articles which have an on-going interest are placed in this archive.


2008 2009 and 2010

Yea Wednesday 14th April 1.30pm

Murrindindi Shire Council Maternal & Child Health
Parent Education Program 2010

First Aid for Kids – St Johns Ambulance – Fee applies

A 4 hour course designed for parents and carers of young children. It covers CPR, choking, drowning, wounds, burns, snake bite and more.

  • Alexandra - Thursday 1st April, Thursday 2nd December, CEACA

  • Yea - Wednesday 24th November - M&CH Centre

  • Kinglake – Thursday 18th November – Kinglake Neighbourhood House

Feeding Your Toddler – Dietician, Alexandra CHC - free

Reading labels, healthy recipes, dealing with fussy toddlers, healthy weight issues.

  • Alexandra – CEACA – May 20,

  • Yea – M&CH Centre – July, TBA

  • Kinglake – Kinglake Neighbourhood House – September, TBA

Sleeping Soundly – Babies 3-12 months – M&CH Nurse – free

Techniques to help parents prevent sleeping difficulties from occurring and help resolve those that have already occurred.

  • Alexandra – CEACA – Thursday – March 18, September 16

  • Kinglake – Kinglake Neighbourhood House – Thursday – April 15, October 7

  • Yea – M&CH Centre – Wednesday – April 21, October 20

Baby Massage - Babies 1 – 6 months – Vicki Croft – $60 for 3 sessions

Learn how to massage your baby with a certified educator.

  • Alexandra – April 29, May 6, 13 - 10 – 11.30. CEACA

  • Kinglake – April 29, May 6, 13 - 1.15 – 2.45. Kinglake Neighbourhood House

Men’s Health evening – Marc des Landes, Men’s Health worker, GV Family Care $5 contribution for Pizza

An opportunity for men to discuss the challenges and rewards of becoming a father.

  • Alexandra – Wednesday 14th April, 6.30 pm - CEACA

Enjoying your Terrific Toddler – M&CH Nurse – free

Topics covered will include toilet training, tantrums and managing difficult behaviours.

  • Buxton – Playgroup Building – Tuesday March 2

  • Alexandra – CEACA – Thursday June 24, November 18

  • Kinglake – Kinglake Neighbourhood House – Thursday July 22, December 9,10-12

  • Yea – M&CH Centre – Wednesday March 24, September 15

REGISTRATION FOR ANY OF THESE SESSIONS IS ESSENTIAL. Please contact Liz at the Yea M&CH Centre on Mondays on 5797 2888 or Janet on5772 1183 for general enquiries or to make a booking.


Yea Monday 12th April 12.50pm

Yea's Recreation Reserve Comes a Long Way in a Few Years


|Michael Minter| Back in 2006 I started writing articles about the appalling condition of the Yea Recreation Reserve. In particular the condition of the perimeter fence and entrances to the reserve. I felt that it was an embarrassment to the town, as many people visited the reserve for a wide range of events. In particular I was concerned about its image when it hosted the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

2 4

Now in 2010 with another visit from the Great Victorian Bike Ride coming later this year, I can say that all my concerns have been eliminated.

1 3

We have a new perimeter fence, all the entrances have been attended to, particularly the main entrance. An excellent viewing area has been created and the ground itself looks in great condition.

A great many people have put a lot of effort into the makeover of the reserve and all involved should be congratulated on a great effort.



Yea Monday 16th March 4.15pm

Images from Yea Autumn Festival
















Yea Sunday 15th March 6.15pm

Spiderbait brings out expressions not seen in Yea for a long time


This year's Yea Autumn Festival bought out a huge crowd to witness the many events and activities at the festival. The days highlight for most seemed to be Spiderbait performing their hit "Black Betty". All the pain of the bushfire disaster, the challenge of the ongoing drought and for others the North South pipeline, it was an opportunity for many people of all ages to forget the problems for a brief period and enjoy the moment.

Note: I would normally not put images of children on this site without permission of the parents. In this case it was impossible to get to everyone and I feel the images are of some importance. If you want the image of your child removed please email me at webmaster@yea.com.au

















Yea Monday 16th February 3.55pm

Kinglake - Black Saturday

The following images are taken from a power point file emailed to me. You can download all the images in power point format here.







Thanks Kath


Yea Monday 16th February 1.50pm

Tara and Ted's Travels



Since my last post on this website a number of people have asked me about the Yea High School mascots Tara and Ted. The idea behind the project was to focus on some positive images to reflect the great spirit of support and hope in the community. The images are an alternative to the huge amount of traumatic media footage that we have been bombarded with.



We have been collecting some great images of the survivors and support workers with Ted and Tara right across all across the affected areas.




It was great to see was how willing people were to hold either Tara or Ted and have their photo taken. It has been an inspiration how many of our past students were out and about in the refuges and affected areas offering to support others less fortunate and their old school.


Ex-Yea High School students


I have placed the photos on our display board here at Yea High School as a vote of confidence for the future.

YHS staff at Whittlesea Refuge


Every day it gets better
For us together
Better, Together

John O’Meara

Yea High School

Yea Monday 16th February 11.55am

A Very Sad & Devastating Happening - Beauty Lost


Hi, I am sending you the attachment to one of the world's most unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of all ages created by Bruno Torfs. On Saturday the raging fires in Victoria completely destroyed his unique forest creation taking over 300 paintings and scuptures. As you take a walk through the forest on the attachment herein, please take a moment to reflect on the beauty gone and the many people who have lost their homes, their loved ones, their livlihoods, the severely injured, the animal life and the dedicated firefighters, police, civilians, and those involved in caring for the traumatized and injured.

Thank you.

P. S. I pray and hope that arsonists responsible for this tragedy will be prosecuted for murder and to the fullest extent of the law.

NOTE: The images shown here are from an attached power point file containg 30 images. If you would like a copy email me here.




Thanks Karen ND

Yea Sunday 15th February 11.00pm

Yea High School – Principal’s Report

YHS students with our Yea High School mascot 'Tara the Teddy Bear'.


The Yea High School community has been deeply affected by one of the most traumatic events in Australia’s history. I wish to express my sincere sympathy to those who have lost loved ones, friends and community members as well as those who have lost their houses, pets and precious possessions in the horrible bushfires that occurred on February 7th. The trauma associated with this event will be with our school community for some time to come.

We have been informed that year 10 student Mac Buchanan perished in the fire. The Yea High School Community’s heartfelt condolences go out to the Buchanan family who also lost their daughter, Neeve and the children’s uncle Danny Clark. I understand the children’s grandmother remains in the intensive care unit of the Alfred Hospital. We send our best wishes for her recovery.

Unfortunately, staff member Anne McKie lost her house in Flowerdale and School Council President, Stephen Franzi-Ford also had his home in Kinglake West destroyed.

Over the past week the Yea High School staff have assisted me in tracking down students and ascertaining their situation. We understand that all other students are safe, however 20 Yea High School families are now homeless.

In addition to this work many have been assisting with the relief effort as volunteers at the refuges established across Murrindindi Shire, working with the CFA and defending their homes.

The staff met on Friday February 13th to plan for the reopening of the school on Monday February 16th. We have additional support from the Hume Region by the provision of educational psychologists, Kate Stobie our secondary school nurse and officers from the Regional Office of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

Students of all ages may be affected by the current events in different ways so reactions may vary. Should you or your child feel the need for support through our counseling service, please contact John O’Meara or Bruce Skewes on 57972207. These services will be available for the foreseeable future.

Information regarding memorial services will be published when it is known.

A number of short publications will be available from our website which will relate to dealing with traumatic events. Hopefully these items will assist you in understanding students’ reactions and provide assistance in dealing with these difficult issues.

We are all shocked by these events. Our school is well placed to support students and their families – we want to see every student back at Yea High School as soon as possible.

We will endeavour to keep school as ‘normal’ as possible for our students and families so as to provide a degree of security that the experts tell us is so important at this time.

I, along with Bruce Skewes and other members of staff, have spent time in all the refuges across the west of the Murrindindi Shire and also the Whittlesea refuge. I have been heartened by the resilience and spirit of all the students and families I have encountered. This will stand us in good stead for the challenges that lie ahead.

Please know that the school is there for you – if you have any issue we can take up on your behalf – please let us know. We want you to remain connected to the school and provide the best possible support for you children.

We are not victims we are survivors – survivors have strength and resilience. Across Murrindindi we will be rebuilding our communities and our schools, student by student, family by family, teacher by teacher...The healing and rebuilding starts now!


John O’Meara

Yea High School

Yea Monday 9th February 10.30am

Prime Minister visits Yea


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visited the Yea Recreation Reserve this morning to talk to bushfire survivors.



Yea Saturday 7th February 8pm

With fires raging to the south of Yea and all roads to Melbourne blocked, Yea's Main St. was packed with people who had left their homes and travellers who couldn't return to Melbourne. Thick smoke had engulfed the town creating an eery site.





Womindjeka Day 2008

Four Franklin family descendants join the Corroboree

An estimated 300 people joined in the Womindjeka (Welcome) Day fun and activities celebrating our magnificent natural environment and indigenous culture at the Yea Wetlands on Saturday 4th October.

The Yea Wetlands Committee put together a full program of entertainment, fun educational activities and demonstrations of Aboriginal art, craft and dancing that commenced in High Street at the monthly Street Market before progressing to the Police Paddock and culminating with a free evening barbeque, damper and billy tea, campfire sing-a-long and Aboriginal Corroboree in the John Cummins Reserve.

Uncle Wally’s Dance group prepare for the Corroboree

This year’s campfire corroboree led by Uncle Wally’s Dance group featured 4 young descendants of John Franklin, a member of the Taungurung Clan who used to live in this area. Bernadette Franklin, a Member of the Committee who played a large role in the event’s organisation, was absolutely thrilled to see the Aboriginal traditions being learnt and handed down through the generations.

Herb Paton thrilled the large crowd with his gumleaf playing talents

Popular new attractions this year included hands-on demonstrations of reptile and Frog handling by Snake Busters, amazing Gumleaf playing by Uncle Herb Paton (of Australia’s Got Talent fame), an environmental treasure hunt for the kids and adults, and horse drawn wagon rides between the town and the beautiful wetlands.

This young descendant of John Franklin proudly shows off his face painting.

The trigger for this unique celebration was the 2006 United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Award presented to the Yea Wetlands Committee in recognition of the enormous amount of volunteer community work they and the Yea community through a. This small, energetic Committee has since refined and grown Womindjeka Day into a regional event.

Ben Hardman, Member for Seymour attended the celebrations and officially opened the $95,0000 Stage 2 Infrastructure Project just completed by the Committee – improvement works made possible over a 2 year period by a $65,000 Grant from the State Government. This brings the amount of improvements undertaken in the Yea Wetlands to a total of some $600,000 – much of which has been volunteer effort.

This years Womindjeka Day was made possible when the Committee was successful applying for a grant through the Australian Government’s EnviroFund.

30th June

Yea's Jigsaw Champ
(move mouse over to see larger image)


|Michael Minter| Local Yea resident Bruce Kindred has just completed his latest jigsaw. The jigsaw took hundreds of hours to comlete over a period of 15 months. The jigsaw has 9120 pieces and measures 1.9 metres by 1.38 metres.

As the jigsaw was so large Bruce was not able to finalise the jigsaw inside his home. The jigsaw was developed in 5 sections and finally put together in his back verandah. A large photo that was supposed to accompany the jigsaw was missing, so Bruce had to work off the small picture on the box seen in the background of the photo above.

The jigsaw was a painting of the Tower of Babel by Dutch painter Pieter Breugal.

Well done Bruce!


28th May

Wetland ‘Friends’ Dinner unravels Yea’s Famous Fossil


|Russell Wealands|
Some fifty guests attended and enjoyed a great meal and talk at the Yea Golf Club last Friday evening. The talk by Dr Mike Garrett, a well known Geologist and Paleontologist, was the first of three Dinner/Talks planned for the year by the ‘Friends of the Yea Wetlands’.

Dr Garrett worked closely with the late Dr Jack Douglas who led the search for and found arguably the oldest land based vascular flora fossils in the world – right here at Limestone! This site is now recognized and listed on the National Heritage Register and protected under Federal Legislation.


Mike spoke with humility and passion about his early schooling. Bullied at school in the UK, Mike struggled academically until such time as he was shown a close neighbour’s rock, mineral and fossil collection. Captivated by the jigsaw of geological events that led to their formation this event provided the trigger for Mike to make the linkages between physics, chemistry, mathematics and other subjects – ultimately leading to him completing his Honours Degree in Geology and Zoology.

Emigrating to Australia in 1965 as ‘a £10 Pom’ with prospects of working for BHP at Whyalla, Mike walked in off the street to Melbourne University where he was fortunate enough to be offered a research scholarship studying palaeontology. After completing a Master of Science with Honours, Mike commenced work with Geological Survey Victoria. It was this that led him to his work on Silurian – Devonian Faunas of Central Victoria and a focus on the Yea area.

A major challenge was to match up the rock formations created by the shallow water sequences of the Heathcote, Kinglake and Lilydale areas (where you could have ‘paddled in’ the oceans) with the deep water sequence of Yea (‘about the depth of the wreck of HMAS Sydney’). “Bear in mind that we were dealing with rocks and evidence that is 50,000 times harder to gather and piece together than the time the team have to deal with”, Mike said.

Plant fossils had been found between Warburton and Woods Point. Harris and Thomas traced these beds westwards and discovered two geological horizons – one containing an upper plant graptolite horizon, the other a lower plant graptolite horizon. These were separated by 1500m of un-fossiliferous rock. Mike’s task was to look for the linkages between the Yea, Heathcote, Lilydale and Kinglake sites.

Up to the 1960’s it was believed that no Devonian Rocks contained Graptolites so it was deduced that both the upper and lower horizons were of the late Silurian period. At that time the Graptolites from the upper horizon were re-examined and found to be from the Devonian period. None of the graptolites from the lower horizon were examined however and these too were ‘conveniently’ classified as Lower Devonian.

It wasn’t until 1973-4 when one of America’s top Palaeontologists and experts on early land vascular plants visiting Victoria stated that the flora and graptolites of the lower horizon were of major significance in view of the thickness of rock between the two horizons. It was later determined that the Limestone fossils of Baragwanathia longiflora found in the lower horizon were accompanied by graptolites - thereby confirming the fossil’s age to be late Silurian making them the oldest land based flora fossil in the world!

Put in simple terms – Baragwanathia longiflora was the first plant to grow on land that had a cellular vein structure enabling it to draw water up its stems to support the plant and utilise photosynthesis to generate and release oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere.

Quite a remarkable thing for Yea to have and its residents to understand – and it was found here in Limestone, right on Yea’s doorstep!

These ‘Friends’ dinner/talks have become well known for their high value – not only for the information passed on - but also for the excellent quality of the meals provided by the Yea Golf Club ladies and the social interaction.

The next dinner, planned for 22nd August will feature Lance Williams talking on wetland bird life. To ensure you are notified of this upcoming event become a ‘Friend’ by contacting Glenda Woods on 5797 2417. Annual ‘Friends’ memberships are only $20 single, $40 Family or $50 Business. All proceeds are used to improve and promote Yea’s wetlands.

26th May

100's of Historical Images of Yea

Yea, High St. 1920

I stumbled across the website "Picture Australia" and entered 'yea' into the search box.

There are a great number of historical photos of Yea and surrounds.

You can get to them from here.

25th April

New Signage for Wetlands


New signage featuring pictures of the beautiful wetlands, the suspension bridge, a spoonbill and the endangered damselfly Hemiphlebia mirabilis have been erected this week to encourage more visitors to the Yea Wetlands and Cummins Reserve. The signs have been strategically sited to ensure they are highly visible to all through traffic, enticing people to stop, discover and enjoy the town's growing tourism attraction.

Local identities Gary Pollard and George McLatchie rolled up their sleeves last Wednesday to help erect the signs. George, who is one of a growing number of local residents who walk in the wetlands, has also generously offered to paint the timber seats in Cummins Reserve - an offer quickly snapped up by Russell Wealands, Yea Wetlands Committee Chair.  If you have a few hours to spare and would like to help in the Wetlands either call Russell on 5797 2106 or attend one of the monthly working bees.


Further signage for the external walls of the Rotary Information Shelter and the Cummins Reserve are being printed by Julie at Alexandra Signs. Graphic Designer, Andrew Hubbard generously donated his talents to design the signs which feature photographic images taken by Michael Minter and Russell.


The signs are just one element of the Committee's Stage 2 Infrastructure Development Project funded in 2006 by the State Government through a Regional Development Victoria Grant Program. Further works to be completed in the coming months include a large shade sail over the table at the Flat Plat, a water tank near the Barbeque, internal signs on the shelter, Vicroads signage and landscaping works.

Works completed so far under the project include the road sealing in Cummins Reserve, connection of the power to the Shelter, an electric BBQ with shade sail, new entrance gates and bollards to control vehicular access and improvements to internal tracks. This has been a tremendous effort by the Yea community, Yea Rotary Club, and Friends of the Yea Wetlands coordinated by the Yea Wetlands Committee. The Committee thanks the State Government for helping to fund the project and the many organisations and volunteers who have contributed countless hours to meet the local contribution for this grant.


Ten members of the Colbinabin Landcare Group recently traveled to Yea to enjoy a 2 hour guided tour of the wetlands - a walk they thought would take 15 minutes. They are just one of many groups and individuals with growing interest in the wetlands and the work of the Yea community.  One visitor commented that he was just blown away by the natural beauty of the area, the work undertaken and the community vision for expanding the wetland area. 

Sacred Kingfisher

|Michael Minter| Managed to snap this pic of a Sacred Kingfisher in my backyard today. By moving like "slow motion man" and hiding behind trees, I was able to get close enough to get a shot. I then cropped the image to get the final photo.

2006 - 2007

Summer Rainfall helps Reduce Annual Deficit

|Michael Minter| Above average rainfall in November and December has helped to keep the 2007 rainfall from being extremely poor. Despite the increased rain the annual rainfall was still 20% below average.

In December yea.com's Weather Station recorded 74.54mm which was 28.71mm or 68.41% above the December average.

Rainfall for 2007 was 500mm (499.81 to be exact) which was 131mm or 20.77% below the average annual rainfall for Yea of 630.82mm

You can get more detail at our rain data page here.

Reader Comment - Water Wally's

|Farmer| To add my bit to water “Wally’s”, it appears that there are 2 definite sets of rules. Private and corporate.

Following on from Stuart Deans comments on observing blatant wasting of water in commercial enterprises, I have just returned from Coolangatta in QLD, after working there a month, and they are desperate for water. Yet in the hotel complex myself and 100 other colleagues stayed in, the majority of rooms that we rented had the old fashioned 4 litres per minute shower heads, and washers in the taps that refused to work.

I don’t want to sound precious about water saving, and I would not classify myself as any water caped crusader, though I have installed a large tank, plumbed the dunnies, and run my garden irrigation off the tank as well, but others just don’t bloody well get it.

Sure it may rain again just like the old days of 12 years back. Sure it may just be a cycle we're living through. Who knows? You? And if you’re a Wally I hope your right.

My family and I are off the blocks a little quicker than others I guess. We have lived in the city all of our lives, but have been fortunate to own a farm in Highlands for 12 years, running alternative power and tank water etc. The lessons we learnt from the farm, have infected our living conditions in the city, in so far as water conservation is concerned.

It's not hard. It's not expensive. It's all about using your share.

Seems to be a problem in other areas as well. People tend nowadays to use, eat, consume, earn, demand, more than their share. To break the water excess use, you need to get through to people. They feel they are not individually so important, therefore they can use more than their share.

There are always going to be parasites that hang off crisis’s, and usually they are the privatization fallout parasites. Not wishing to end up facing litigation letters, I said to my wife when I put our large city water tank in, bugger the rebate, I'll do it myself. Besides, the rebate doesn’t even cover the plumber, who writes your name down and registers your tank. Sorry? Registers your tank? What for I ask? To allow me to drive it on the road? I tell the missus? NO! So they can charge you for the honor of operating a tank?

3AW was alive with calls from people just short of homicidal 2 weeks ago, when one of our favorite private water companies decided to attach a “usage” cost variable according to what they think the property owner can afford to be extorted. But only those who registered a tank.

I said to the missus, “told you so”. Now I guess the next step is to wait for the fine for not registering the tank, and back dated charges.

And this my friends is the problem! So long as greedy corporates continue to believe we will sit and take it, then the bastards will keep doing it.

Hang on a minute. Something’s just occurred to me. If I make my house in the city fully solar and wind powered, (which I know I can do) that means the corporates will start charging me for the sun and wind if my arguments and their behavior is consistent. They already charge me for rain.

Water, sun, wind are all natural occurrences. How dare they attempt to charge for any of them. (Must read the Australian Constitution again)

Until this problem is overcome, keep dreaming that you are doing the right thing.

November - A record breaker for yea.com.au

|Michael Minter| For the first time since its inception yea.com.au broke the 6,000 barrier for visits in a given month. The figure was actually 6,020 visits, this equates to an average of over 200 visits per day. When you consider the traffic on the site drops on weekends as there are no new articles published it certainly seems impressive to me. (I do have to admit bias here:))

Over the month the site was accessed by 1045 separate networks (locations) with a daily weekday average of 110 to 120 networks (locations) visiting yea.com. As I have explained before a network can be a single pc at home or 50 pc's in an office building. e.g Murrindindi Council. 13,742 pages were viewed for the month.

Thanks to all yea dot commers for their continued and loyal support.

Yea Shire Hall finally gets its Clock

At around 10am on Thursday construction was completed on the Yea Shire Hall after 113 years when the recently installed three faced clock was set in motion. Below are a few different views of our new look hall complete with clock.





Has Yea just had its last Agricultural Show?

|Michael Minter| I think I'm being realistic here, as against pessimistic. At 1.45pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon you could have shot a gun down Sideshow Alley and stood a fair chance of not hurting a soul. The image below shows the amount of people around at that time. It was indeed a depressing sight.


Apart from the equestrian side of things, which of course was cancelled due to the horse flu virus, there was little indication that the rest of the farming community or the local community in general was interested or could afford the time to attend the event. Perhaps it was the hardship bought on by the drought or maybe they've got other priorities these days.


After spending thousands of dollars (via a grant) to erect a new cattle unloading structure, a mere 30 or so cattle were presented at the show. But maybe thats another story.


Local alpaca breeder Ian Findley who had his animals on show said "I've only had 20 or 30 people come and take a look up till now (2pm)"

It is indeed a tragedy to see our Show come down to this, it must be extremely demoralising for the small group of people who put so much effort into organising and running the event. One wonders if they can keep up the enthusiasm.

When services don’t come up to scratch - Try an ombudsman

Many organisations provide a range of services to local residents. What do you do when you don’t believe they are doing their job properly? There are ombudsman offices for a range of issues.

The word ‘ombudsman’ dates back to 1809 when the Swedish Parliament created a new official known as the Justitie-Ombudsman, loosely translated as ‘citizen's defender’ or ‘representative of the people’. The ombudsman is independent, impartial and free, investigating complaints that cannot be resolved with a particular service provider. There are other complaints services which don’t carry the title ‘ombudsman’. Below is a list of some of these complaints services.

  • The Commonwealth Ombudsman, incorporating the Defence Force Ombudsman, the Immigration Ombudsman, the Law Enforcement Ombudsman, the Postal Industry Ombudsman and the Taxation Ombudsman - 1300 362 072

  • The Ombudsman Victoria investigates administrative actions taken by a Government department, public statutory body or municipal council - 1800 806 314

  • Energy and Water Ombudsman - for electricity, gas and water complaints - 1800 500 509

  • Plumbing Industry Commission - 1800 015 129

  • The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman – for telephone or internet services - 1800 062 058

  • Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman -1300 780 808

  • Private Health Insurance Ombudsman - 1800 640 695

  • Credit Ombudsman Service - 1800 138 422

  • Workplace Ombudsman Help Line - 1300 724 200

  • Insurance Ombudsman Service - 1300 780 808

  • Public Transport Ombudsman - 1800 466 865

  • Produce and Grocery Industry Ombudsman for disputes over supply of produce to markets and retailers - 1800 206 385

  • Legal Services Commissioner - 1300 796 344

  • Office of Police Integrity - 1800 818 387

  • Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner - 1300 666 444

  • Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria - 1800 134 142

  • Health Services Commissioner - 1800 136 066

Always try to resolve your dispute with the service provider first.

Community Health at Yea Hospital – phone 5736 0400 and at Alexandra Hospital – phone 5772 0800

Poll Result

ALP loses to Liberals and Greens

Results of our latest poll "The 2006 State Election Re-run" show that Ben Hardman (ALP) had a dramatic loss in voting share of 16% from 46% in 2006 to 30% in this poll.

Mike Dalmau's (Liberal) voting share rose 7% from 38% in 2006 to 45% whilst Sean O'Sullivan (Greens) picked up a 6% increase to 15% from 9% in 2006.

One could presume that the effect of the Pipeline issue on voters intentions has been the drivng force in this poll.


www.drought.org.au now includes Hay and Grain for sale

The VFF/UDV has revamped the www.drought.org.au website to include hay and grain for sale and agistment. This has been done at the request of farmers to have a vehicle within the VFF for farmers to source hay and grain.


Murrindindi Vineyard Wedding

|Michael Minter| On a beautiful Saturday afternoon this weekend, Yea locals, Karen Grant and Rohan Anstey were married at Slattery's Vineyard at Murrindindi. The reception was held at the Yea Golf Club.

I'm a bloke so I won't go on about the material the dress was made of etc, as I wouldn't have a clue. But I can say that Karen looked stunning and Rohan scrubbed up pretty well too. You can see a few images from the wedding here.

Karen's father Hamish gave her away and her bridesmaids were Karen's sister Jaclyn and friend Lisa Ross. The Wedding had a Scottish feel with Karen's dad dressed in his kilt along with piper Michelle Moon. Rohan's groomsmen were brother Craig and friend James (Butch) Palmer.

Murrindindi Freecycle

Pauline Spierings has become a moderator for Freecycle and in doing so has started a Freecycle group for the Murrindindi area.

What is Freecycle? Here is a couple of excerpts from their website...

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,142 groups with 3,963,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free.

The Murrindindi Freecycle™ group is open to all who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself! Nonprofit groups are also welcome to participate too! One main rule: everything posted must be free.

You can check out Freecycle here or go directly to the Murrindindi Freecycle group here.

I you want more information you can call Pauline on 5780 2898 or 0402 155 138


Poll Result

83% of respondents believe that water restrictions are a "political fiddle"

|Michael Minter| Results from yea.com.au's Water Restriction Poll showed that over 83% of respondents were believed that recent reductions in water restrictions were politically motivated. Whilst only 10% believed that the reductions were legitimate. 7% were unsure.

To suggest that Goulburn Valley Water hasn't got a very good public image would be appear to be a massive understatement.

Thanks for voting.

Poll Result

78% of respondents for Rail Trail

|Michael Minter| Results from yea.com.au's Rail Trail Poll showed that 78% of respondents were in favour of the project whilst 19% were against the idea. 3% were unsure.

68 votes were recorded and although it's not as many as I would've liked, it certainly is a good size sampling for a small population.

It's has been interesting to see that over the two polls run so far, that after only 10 or 15 votes the result is very similar to the final figures.

Thanks for voting.

yea.com.au just fails to attract 6,000 visits in May


|Michael Minter| How frustrating....5,983 visits to yea.com.au for the month of May only 17 short of 6,000 visits. Even so, it was the busiest month for yea.com.au since its inception. It was 287 visits or 4.8% above the previous record set in March 2007.

Pageviews were at a record level as well. 15,102 pageviews, 2049 or 13.6% above the previous best in March.

The new analysis program also showed that 730 different computers accessed yea.com.au during May. How this figure is calculated I'm not sure.

Shouldn't the People decide who is to be our Mayor?

Mayoral/President Election Discussion Paper
Date 22nd March 04,17th January 2007 &25th May 2007

|Lyn Gunter|The purpose of this paper is to open up discussion on the process for electing the Mayor. Having been a councilor for 13 years and witnessed the procedure, or in a number of cases the lack of any procedure or process, I feel the matter on electing the mayor is overdue for discussion. I make all comments without prejudice and do not wish to offend any one by making personal comments. I hope I can provide an open, honest discussion on what many of us are aware takes place in a number of cases at the time of electing the mayor.

I realize there are a number of councils who have a system in place for electing mayor and this is not a criticism of any council and how they undertake the election of mayor. I am sure we have all witnessed the far from ideal circumstances that can occur when a mayor is elected.

The MAV Citizen 2 Councillor outlines the Role, Purpose and Objective of Council one of which is to “Have political, management and decision making structures”. The Local Government Act includes councils should be open, transparent and honest in the way they conduct their business. Setting an example for the community. Why is it that when it comes to electing our mayors on the whole we, in my opinion, not setting the best example as leaders. We are not a club but many of the community groups such as Rotary, Lions and CWA are leading the way with their President and President elect system.

The VLGA suggests in the “The Role of the Mayor” a checklist so councils have the ability to develop a position description. The position of Mayor or President is one of respect, leadership, representation and ceremony on behalf of the council and the community as per the VLGA checklist and I believe this role is still evolving. Councils need to be cohesive at this time but what can take place is a total disruption to council with Councillors vying and; plotting for the position either in the open or behind the scenes. Is this leadership?

Unfortunately we are all aware of the “deals” that can go on, the “backroom meetings”, the “your turn” approach and whilst this may seem the easiest way, is this the best we can do on behalf of our community? If we think the community is not aware of what occurs then we should think again. More often than not they hear about the deals etc before some Councillors do and once the media get hold of them the heated debate or rumour becomes front-page news. What a great image this sets for council.

These deals and rumours of such deals can go on for weeks even months, prior to the mayoral election, causing the current mayor and councillors to be distracted from the role they are suppose to be doing for and on behalf of the community. Surely we must endeavour to find a better way.

Having discussed this issue with a number of mayors and Cr’s I see 2 possibilities – Direct Election of Mayor, as per the City of Melbourne, or as a number of councils have done already, OR Councils MUST develop a “selection criteria” for the position.

In the past I have raised the possibility of direct election with the Minister for Local Government, Candy Broad and the Leader, of the Opposition, Robert Doyle. When asked about the Governments position at the time Minister Broad comments this topic is not currently on the Governments agenda as they have been involved in recent reforms. In speaking with the previous leader of the opposition, Robert Doyle, he said he was not adverse to the idea but for Regional cities only. When I asked why not in the rural area he said he did not want to impose this on the rural community but was open minded at this stage. As yet I have not spoken with the current Minister for Local Government or the opposition on this topic. I have raised this topic with the past and present President’s of the MAV.

The VLGA held a Planning day in February this year and one of the discussion papers was on this topic. The results of those discussions from those present showed 50% agree there should be further discussion on the idea of a direct election of mayor and 50% opposed the idea of having any further discussion or asking the community about it.

From information I have collected I understand there are a number of States/Territories who have direct election. As with anything there are pitfalls in the system for direct election but all the possibilities need to be put on the table so that a more efficient and effective system can be developed for council and the community. I believe we must start to look at making the necessary changes to eliminate, where possible, the stress and anxiety of trying to fulfil the role of mayor whilst deals, rumours and political grand standing are taking place, whether it is behind the current mayors back or in a public forum.

The process may take sometime as it would involve consultation at various levels but I feel such discussions are overdue and if nothing else can be achieved at a minimal a selection process for this position. Recently someone said to me “most thinking councils do not allow such things as deals, backroom discussions etc, to occur” a comment I am sure we would all agree with, so lets do something about it.

We are elected to represent the views of the community so why are we not going to them and asking them if they would like to elect their Mayor.

Local resident Tiffany Vincent wins Best 1st Year Apprentice

tiffany vincent
L-R: Gerard Hard, The Apprenticeship Factory Field Officer, Tiffany Vincent, Eddie Greenwood, Parks Team Leader.

At The Apprenticeship Factory’s 2006 Awards Night on 31 May 2007, Council’s apprentice, Tiffany Vincent, was the recipient of the award for Best 1st Year Apprentice – Horticulture, Parks and Gardens, presented by North Melbourne Institute of Tafe.

Tiffany was selected above 30 other students in her class. Tiffany is an apprentice with The Apprenticeship Factory, with Murrindindi Construction as host employer, working as part of the parks and gardens team in the Kinglake, Flowerdale, Toolangi and Strath Creek regions and is undertaking a Horticulture 3 Certificate.

Yea resident, Tiffany has achieved outstanding results in their study and it is fitting that she is recognised for her efforts. Congratulations to Tiffany.


Truck rolls at Glenburn


An "on the ball" yea dot commer snapped these pics after coming across this accident at Glenburn.


The accident occurred around midday on Friday opposite the Glenburn Pub. It was a tri-axle semi loaded high with 'square' hay bales.The load of hay was destined for a local farmer. The driver appeared to be ok.



Local links to Digger found in Vietnam

Remains found in Vietnam last month were identified as two Australian soldiers declared missing in action in 1965.

Dental records, bones, teeth and artefacts found at the burial site, including military dog tags, led to the positive identifications.

One of the identified soldiers was Private Peter Gillson.

Peter Gillson was the brother of Highlands resident Graham Gillson.

Had Peter Gillson survived, he would have been an uncle to Yea resident Debbie Redding.

Private Gillson was killed during a Vietnam War battle in Dong Nai province, east of Saigon.

The government has advised the two soldiers' families of the identification and is working with them to arrange repatriation and funeral.


Another Swimming Echidna


|Farmer| Following your story on the swimming Echidna, we have 2 horse troughs near our house, one large and one small. During the hottest months, I observed a large Echidna walking across our front yard and climb straight into the small trough. He would have been in there 20 minutes, and at one stage I lost site of him from the distance, thinking it may have been in trouble. I went to get up but up came the snought, a bit more splashing, out it climbed, and on its way again. This happened at about the same time each day. I mentioned this to my wife, who hadn’t seen the performance, and she said how cute this was.

The following week my wife went across to clean out the big trough, and came running back, yelling that she had to get the camera. It didn’t take me long to realize that while she got the camera I should get the gloves. Excitement drained from my wife as she realized that the poor fella could be stuck, unable to climb out because of the depth. I met her half way with my gloves. After lifting it out, we have since put a lovely rock feature in the trough, so next time it can climb out.


Danger on Ghin Ghin Road

|Farmer| My daughter and I had spent a weekend at our farm in Highlands, and we were traveling back to Melbourne down the Highlands Ghin Ghin Rd. She was traveling behind me as we crossed the Goulburn River. There are 2 small bridges shortly after the river crossing, and as I approached the first, coming head on was one of the quarry gravel trucks towing an empty dog trailer that was swinging from one side of the road to the other.

The estimated speed was 100Km/H which is the speed limit. I managed to clear the bridge and pull off into the gravel, before the truck drove through. My daughter was not so lucky. I felt ill as I watched my daughter fight her car in the gravel prior to the bridge, hoping she would not hit it. She was taught to drive on the farm at a young age, and is very competent for a 20 year old. Without that knowledge I'm sure she would not be with us today.

The incident was immediately reported to the police. Though sympathetic to the situation, it was pointed out that there was no accident, and the speed limit was 100Km/H in that zone. In all the confusion neither myself or my daughter got a license plate number, though I did recognize the truck, so nothing whatsoever can be done.

The locals who use that road all have stories to tell, and I hope some of us don’t end up as statistics. Maybe, just maybe the council can drop the speed limit to 80Km/H. The truck driver involved who consistently travels faster than his colleagues, must realize that we shouldn’t have to fear that trip down to Yea. The road is there for all of us, not just you.

yea.com.au turns 1 year old and breaks visitor record

yea.com.au turned 1 year old on Sunday. In the first month of operation we had 768 visits and 1,858 pages viewed. Last month, we had yet another record number of pages viewed and visited.


There were 5,696 visitors and 13,053 pages were viewed. Almost every month another record is created as more people in the Yea area become aware of yea.com.au.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the site during the past year. I would particularly like to thank Elmers of Yea, Sarica Trading, Lanocorp Aust., Yea Pharmacy, Your Wardrobe/Mensland and Lucky's Locks for going that extra yard.


Yea Netballers and Footballers on "Sunrise" Program

(move mouse over images to see larger image)


Monique being presented her uniform,
(the bloomers were especially made for her)

|Karen Oliver / Michael Minter| Some Yea netballers and footballers travelled to Mansfield last week to appear on Channel Seven's "Sunrise" program to help publicise their desperate need for more players, helpers etc.

Eddie Oliver and Lachie White lifting Monique
into the air at the end of the programme

They appeared on some weather segments with travelling "Weather Girl" - Monique Wright.

Monique with Yea players

Can you play, can you help? Don't let the Tigers become extinct!

Behind our Banner


Ocean Going Roo!

After the Swimming Echidna article I was sent a series of pics of another swimming aussie...the kangaroo.

The photos were taken on a Sunday morning near Bunbury, WA.

You can view the pics here.

Thanks Stuart D


Yea's Mighty Swimming Echidna

Apparently it's quite a rare site to see a swimming echidna, but local wildlife enthusiast Dianne Smith managed to catch the entire event of the echidna going for a swim across a billabong in the Yea Wetlands.

You can view the photo sequence here.


Some Snake!

Received this story and pic in my emails...

Photos of a snake caught on an electric fence on a sheep & cattle station near the NSW town of Nyngan....

Some tourists on holidays came across the snake caught in an electric fence, being continually shocked, and getting very angry! The group wondering what to do, decide to divert the current, cut the wire AND let the snake go! (As you should do).

When the property owner found out he went ballistic, besides being upset about his fence, the snake had been eating lambs in the area, and he'd been trying to track it for ages. He did not appreciate the help!

Australians are used to a big snake or two, but wait till you see this old fella!

See the snake here.

thanks kath

The Yea Factor

A large article about Yea featured in the "Sunday Age" yesterday. It was also on their internet page.

You can read the article here.

Historical Monthly Rainfall Averages for Yea

|Michael Minter| As a part of my research for the global warming article I did recently, I had to work out the average monthly rainfall over the last 120 years. I didn't present them in that article, so here they are now.

January 39.88mm
February 37.69mm


August 64.51mm
September 61.97mm
December 45.83mm

It is interesting to note that there is very little difference in the monthly averages from May to October.

These figures are now available permanently on the Yea "Rain Charts" accessible via the"LIVE WEATHER" section.


Global Warming evident in Yea Rainfall Records

|Michael Minter| After many hours of number crunching and analysis of Yea rainfall records for the last 120 years, there appears to be strong evidence that this is not a cyclical drought situation at all, but a consistent drop in rainfall over the last 30 years.

Firstly, I established that the average annual rainfall over the past 120 years is 627mm.

Then, I broke the rainfall figures into decades 1887 to 2006.

From this chart, I made the following observations...

* 4 of the first 7 decades had average annual rainfall in excess of 670mm. From 1957 onwards no decade has had average annual rainfall in excess of 670mm.

* The average annual rainfall for the period 1887-1976 was 647mm. From 1977 till 2006 the average annual rainfall was 587mm. This means we get 60mm less rain per year than we used to. This is equivalent of getting no rain in June instead of the June average rainfall of 60.33mm over the last 120 years.

I then broke the decades down into half decades so that I could get a larger sample of figures to confirm my previous observations.

From this second chart, I made the following observations...

* Of the 5 LOWEST average annual rainfall half decades, 3 have occured in the last 5 half decades. They are 1982-1986 - 561mm, 1997-2001 - 535mm and 2002-2006 - 514mm.

* Of the 5 HIGHEST average annual rainfall half decades, none have occured in the last 6 half decades. In fact there has only been one in the last 50 years, 1972-1976 - 712mm

My observations confirm that rainfall has reduced dramatically in the past 30 years and there are no signs that this trend is changing.

The only positive I can get from all this, is that a dry decade is generally followed by a wetter one, so next decade should be wetter than the last. Let's hope it's by a lot!

If anyone would like to comment on this article or put up an alternative view please email me here.

The Great Victorian Bike Ride - Its not about the bike

by Martin Lowe

The Yea High School team

What a memorable day the first Saturday of December proved to be for both the residents of Yea and cyclists alike. This was only a glimpse of the experiences of over 3500 cyclists who were close to ending a journey that started 8 days prior. For 18 of those riders, a team from Yea High School it would be an unforgettable ride into their home town. Furthermore, we all agreed that Yea had surpassed all other towns in their warm welcome for all the cyclists. I must highly commend the Yea High School team on their outstanding organisation of the ride. Team leaders Alan Pell and James Walsh ensured team spirit, unity, safety and enjoyment of the ride were paramount.

Team leaders Alan Pell and James Walsh at Yackandandah

Our school nurse Kate Stobie not only treated numerous injured riders but also provided support and health education to the students at every opportunity.

Kate Stobie

Andrew Toohey was encouraging to all and proved that cycling is a tactical sport. Congratulations to Adrian, Ben, Chris, Coby, Harriet, Jim, Matt, Melissa, Nick, Oliver, Simon and Stephanie. Their dedication, comeraderie and support for each other was inspiring. I was proud not only to be riding with my two sons but also with such a motivated team of people.

Nick Schaeffer and Harriet Yorston after having an accident
being helped by the accompanying police


Bicycle Victoria have done a great job in running this annual event. This years bicycle ride was not just about travelling 540km through the heat and high country. It was not just about supporting and increasing awareness of diabetes in our community. It was not just about helping small rural communities financially in these difficult times. It was not just about getting more people to actively exercise. The ride is an exercise in dedication. It is about one of lifes lessons that if your determination is strong enough you will suceed. I know this to be true because the 83 year old gentleman riding with us showed that age and fitness are not the main barriers. There is also the international female rider who came from a country where cycling for women is forbidden. She managed to train for the event on an exercise bicycle hidden in her lounge room.

Looking down onto Mt Beauty after climbing
part of the way up Tawonga Gap

Next year the ride travels to the Gippsland lakes and Phillip Island. I would encourage anyone who wishes to experience a unique and memorable journey to sign up.

Part of the school team at the Flowerdale Hotel
on the homeward leg

PS - Special Thanks to Alan Schultz, Bernard Shaw, Dianne Quick, Ruby Aldous, Margaret Chaplin and Julie Collier for their parts in helping us to get past the finish line.

You can view the images in this article in a larger size here and you can view video of the Tent City on the Rec at WEB TV here.


Tent City Comes and Goes in 24 Hours

With the arrival of the Great Victorian Bike Ride in Yea on Saturday, the Yea Rec Reserve went from deserted to tent chaos to deserted again in 24 hours.

You can view a video filmed at different times over the 24 hours showing the dramatic transformation at yea.com.au WEB TV here.

Kelly Harris wins Spring "Peep Test" by 16 minutes!

One would be hard pressed to find a tighter finish, Jac had to win the last peep to win the competition and correctly guessed Danni Minogue at 8.43am Thursday morning, unfortunately for Jac, Kelly Harris got her guess in 16 minutes earlier at 8.27am and to top it off also correctly guessed Danni Minogue! Carlos Pina who ran third correctly guessed at 9.53am followed by Loid at 10.05am.

Congrats Kelly, commiserations Jac. Thanks to all who have taken such a keen interest in the "Peep Test"and have helped to make it so popular. The Summer "Peep Test" will be a shortened version which I hope to start in January sometime.

I will contact the three prize winners during the next week.

Here is the final Leaderboard.

Kelly Harris 103
Jac 92
Carlos Pina 55
Kat 37
Loid 17
Scootaboots 16
Megan Rogers 15
Jenn 10
Midnight Jewel 10
Vic Dic 10
James Blond 9
Walsh 9
Jill Dwyer 8
Lisa 8
Mim 8


Carls Metal Magic

Local wildlife sculptor, Carl Padget has recently finished and installed his latest creation – a Dancing Brolga. As you walk along Craigie Street you will discover a virtual sanctuary for Carl's metal creatures including eagles, emus, pelicans, spoonbills, a goanna and now the latest addition, the dancing brolga. Carl researches his subjects and studies them closely, resulting in these wonderful metal sculptures capturing a sense of movement which when you consider the hard materials he uses is quite amazing.

If you would like to see more of Carl's work you can visit www.karenharvey.com.au, click on "Garden Art" or contact Carl on 5797 2254 (Or, of course, go for that walk along Craigie Street)

Marmalades Book Club

|Adele Anderson| A very relaxed informal group meet the last Saturday of each month at 3pm on the couches at Marmalades.

We take turns to pick a book to discuss,It is not an intellectual exercise and we have lots of spirited discussion. Everyone is welcome.

There is no cost other than a cup of coffee if you want one,we try to plan ahead with the books so people can order them in from the library. This month we are trying an old classic for the first time. It is the "Barchester Chronicles" by A Troloppe. We then hope to do a Bill Bryson.

Any suggestions on which one is welcome. Hope you can join us.

Town Hall Clock installed in under 24 hours!

|Michael Minter| Very early this morning I was wallking on the Rec and I looked up and there it was...I couldn't believe it, finally a clock on the Town Hall!

Then I woke up...it was only a dream. Sometimes thats all you can do ;)


17th August 2006
Local Garden Designers assist State School Project

Karen Harvey, Terry Redding, Mitch Sundblom and Leigh Redding
discuss ideas for the car park area.

Students from Yea State School's Garden and Environmental Groups have called on local Garden Designers to assist them in the Rejuvenation and Vegetable Garden projects at the School. Local Garden Designer, Karen Harvey visited the school on Tuesday to discuss and advise the students on their ideas for the projects. Rebecca Bowles has also visited the school recently and Jacqui Stackpool and John Anstey will be visiting over the next few weeks to assist the students.

Karen discusses their vegie plans with
Mitch, Leigh and James Wareham

Karen was given a guided tour of the school garden and recreation areas by Mitch Sundblom and Leigh Redding with the assistance of Jack Sundblom and James Wareham.

James Wareham proudly shows
the partly built greenhouse

Under the supervision of Terry Redding the environmental and garden groups have done a lot of work around the school, but there is much more to be done.

Karen, Leigh and Mitch discuss the front garden area

Whilst the Garden group will soon be planting their spring vegies, the environmental group will be concentrating on the design and implementation of a plan for the lawn and garden area at the front of the school.

27th July 2006
Will The Bike Riders Remember our New Image?

Marshbank St. Entry/Exit

|Michael Minter| One of the articles relating to the proposition of a new logo for the shire found in the “Yea Chronicle” recently, was titled “New Image for Shire”. Part of the article read “to work with the local business community and industry groups to promote the shire as an attractive place to live, work, invest and visit."

Whilst this idea seems to make sense, and to be fair the logo isn't great and could probably do with an upgrade, it seems the council has “got the bull by the tail” in this instance. Before the council starts promoting the Shire as an attractive place perhaps they should ensure that areas that they can do something about are attractive first.

Snodgrass St. Entry/Exit

In December we are hosting approximately 4000 bike riders who will camp in and around the Yea Recreation Reserve.

There has been a great to do about ensuring the riders get a good impression of the town. Well it'll be tough going. It is planned that an overflow of riders will camp on vacant land in Craigie and Marshbank streets. This therefore means that many riders will enter and exit the Reserve through a heap of concrete, wood, gal, droppers and mesh that somehow is supposed to constitute a fence.

Craigie St. Entry/Exit

As far as Yea is concerned it seems to me that the Rec is the only place that needs absolutely urgent attention so that we can promote it “as an attractive place to live, work, invest and visit.”

What makes the situation even more frustrating is that the reserve is potentially such an attractive place: the beautiful oaks that surround the oval and part of the perimeter and the spacious grassed areas that exist in sections of the reserve.

The Reserve should be integrated into Yea as a part of it's beauty, not shut out and neglected.

Main Entrance Signage

I am informed that other Recreation Reserves in the shire are in similar condition.

So lets put some urgent attention and funds into creating an image before we attempt to promote one.

I'm sure 4000 bike riders will agree.

8th August 2006
Answers to the question:
Yea's Height Above Sea Level?

|Michael Minter|Thanks to all those who kindly replied to my request for a height above sea level for Yea. Here are a few examples:

Junction of Melba and Goulburn Valley Hwy's
172 metres ASL

Melbourne Road (near old nursery)
177 metres ASL

Marshbank Street
165.5 metres ASL

17th July 2006
Have you had a good look at "Location Finder"?

|Michael Minter| At the top left in our "Main Menu" you will find a link to "Location Finder". If you click on the link and type in an address it will create a map showing the location of the address you typed in, but "Location Finder's" best feature occurs when you click on "get directions".

It opens a form in which you have to place a "from" and "to" address. It then creates a map and a list of specific directions to get to the "to" address. You can even put in "add a stop" if you have to go to other places on the way. Apart from creating a map for "fastest time" it can also create a map for "shortest distance" and you can create a map that avoids road tolls and even a map if you are travelling on foot!

I recently travelled from Yea to Bairnsdale. I put in the details and it came up with an excellent route through Healesville, Woori Yallock, Cockatoo etc. The list shows every distance to every turn and roundabout, the total distance and the time it should take (which was very close). It even suggested I go down Meadow Road ( the road with the cemetery) to get to the Melba Highway. I printed out the list of directions and off I went.

Next time I have to go to an address in Melbourne that I am not familiar with I'll be using "Location Finder" and not worrying about looking up the Melways.

Check it out.


The Size of Our World

A series of photos comparing Earth's size to that of other planets and stars. It's really worth a look. To see the pics go here.






Kristie takes the Plunge

Kristie Luckman completed her first skydive recently. She had a training day on the 17th June and had her first jump on Sunday the 18th June. The jump occured at Bridgewater on Lodden near Bendigo.

She jumped from the aircraft at 10,000 feet, freefell for around 30 secs and the ripcord was pulled at 5,000 feet.

For broadband customers, we have a video of her jump!

Before you can view the video you will most likely be asked to download and install Flash Player 9. You simply click to go to the download page, then download the file to your desktop and double click on the icon on your desktop to install the player. You may also be asked to install an Active X control for Internet Explorer. I know all this is a bit of a pain but it only takes a few minutes and only has to be done once. There is no Virus risk with these files.

We plan to have many more video clips in the future so it is worth the effort to install the files.

View Kristies video here.



yea.com.au installs Live Online Weather Station for Yea

|Michael Minter| In a first for the Murrindindi area, yea.com.au has installed a live online weather station. The weather station is located adjacent to the Yea Recreation Reserve.

The weather station web page is updated every 10 minutes. It supplies the following data...

Current Temperature (including past 24 hr chart)
Daily High and Low Temperature
Current Rainfall (if we ever get any)
Hourly Rainfall Chart
Daily Rainfall Chart
Last 24 hrs Rainfall Chart
Monthly Rainfall Chart
Total Rainfall Chart (from 1/6/6)
Current Wind Direction (including past 24 hr chart)
Current Wind Speed (including past 24 hr chart)
Current Barometer Reading (including past 48 hr chart)
Current Humidity Reading (including past 48 hr chart)
Current Dew Point
Wind Chill Factor
Sunrise time
Sunset time
Moonrise time
Moonset time

The detailed rainfall data is supplied on a separate page and can be accessed via a link on the main weather page. There are also links to the Weather Bureau's 4 Day Forecast and Rain Radar.

The weather station can be accessed at any time by clicking the "Live Local Weather" button at the top of this page.

I would like to thank Alan Luckman of "Lucky's Locks" and Peter Armstrong from "Sarica Trading" for their assistance and support in getting the weather station up and running.


The Rec is a Wreck
|Michael Minter| There is no doubt that urgent attention is required in relation to the appalling and dangerous condition of many sections of the Yea Recreation Reserve perimeter fence. Is someone going to have to be seriously injured or killed by a flying sheet of tin before something is done about the fence? more...


Upgraded Wetlands Walk a Treat
I know the new boardwalk sections have been completed on the Franklin track for a few weeks now, so over Easter I thought I would check it out. How well the Wetlands area is looking. Nice new signs everywhere, the new boardwalks which give you views from a height instead of being at ground level and nicely kept and tidy walkways. It really is a treat and deserves a look especially if you haven't been to the Wetlands lately. A series of photos of the walk will be posted tomorrow.

This is One Amazing Bridge
The  Millau viaduct  is part of the new E11 expressway connecting  Paris  and Barcelona  and features  the highest bridge piers ever constructed. The tallest  is 240  meters high and the overall height will be an impressive 336  metres, making this the highest bridge in the  world. 

You can see picture of the Bridge here.

NOTE: You will have to slide the image left or right to view the entire picture.



Great Risotto out of the microwave!
|Michael Minter| Don't carry on about the fact that isn't possible to make a great risotto in a microwave until you've tried this. Get the recipe here.



My Highlands firefighting experience
|Farmer| It's very difficult to put into so few words, experiences you encounter that are life changing, and expect the reader to understand what the hell you are on about. Well I'm about to start on you. What recent events could possibly be of interest to the general reader right about now? Auz open? No. Try bushfires.  more... 



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